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Project Description
This collection of C# classes, in a single file for easier deployment, enable you to query Amazon Associates products. This code does the digital signatures for the URLs, per Amazon's August 2009 change that all URLs must be signed, to the code is ready to go.

About the Company
JMA Web Technologies, Inc, the creator of LinqCommerce, does Sitefinity and e-Commerce consulting. For more information, please visit our website:

  • Get a list of products, based on keyword or Item ID
  • Get a list of products, based on a similarity search (Customers who bought this product also purchased...

Sample Site

How to Install

1. In your web.config, add these lines in the App Settings section:

<add key="AwsAccessKeyId" value=""/>
<add key="AwsSecretKeyID" value=""/>

2. Fill in these values using these IDs from Amazon. They can be obtained here:

Go to Your Account > Security Credentials

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